Our Story

Inspired by the exotic, intricate tapestries swaying in the wind, high up in the Nepalese and Indian Himalayas, Kamala Lifestyle is a vision manifested over years of extensive travel through Asia and beyond.

On an intuitive whim one day in 2014 during her travels in Nepal, Carmela felt the call to take a chance to create her dream and begun building Kamala Lifestyle. Based in Melbourne, she aims to share a unique online space combining her passion of travel and desire to express creativity through free-spirited design.

Now travelling to Nepal twice a year, Carmela works closely with 2 families of traditional craftspeople in the Himalayan Kingdom to bring to life her unique style and visions inspired by the vibrant and beautiful traditional Saree dresses filling the streets of Nepal and India in colour and beauty.

Much of the Kamala range is designed here in Melbourne and made from authentic vintage saris from Nepal that were carefully selected and Up-cycled into a beautiful piece of wearable art. This makes our creations eco-friendly by using recycled materials, and also means each piece is completely unique, not one is the same as the other!

We hope you enjoy gazing through our collection, each product has been carefully designed or chosen by Carmela from the markets of Kathmandu in Nepal.

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'Kamala' is a sanskrit word meaning 'lotus flower', symbolising beauty and spirituality. The Hindu Goddess Kamala is the pure creative force, the power to create beauty around us, and to see the beauty in everything. She is the spirit of nature itself.