Bengali Button-up Shirt

Bengali Button-up Shirt

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Our exotic Bengali Button-Up Shirts are made of Recycled Saree silk. Feel inspired to style it to your own personal expression - with your favourite funky festival pieces or open with a pair of skinny's and boots for that gypsy rockstar Jim Morrison look.
The beautiful patterns of these unique silk materials were intended for the Saree dress. The saree is a traditional dress for women in India and to this day you will see the streets flooded in colours and women wrapped in cloth.

The patterns of our shirts are all unique - one-off pieces, so not one is the same as any other. As unisex pieces - we love seeing our kimonos flow on both men and women!

We hope you feel inspired by the intricate and exotic patterns of these shirts that embody the "East meets West" inspiration of Kamala.


Small - Medium

Length - 70cm

Chest Width - 55cm

Sleeve to Sleeve Width - 100cm