Saree Silk Kimono
Saree Silk Kimono
Saree Silk Kimono

Saree Silk Kimono

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Our exotic Saree Silk Kimonos are made of Recycled Saree silk and will quickly become the most versatile and loved item in your wardrobe. Throw it over your bikinis at the beach or a pair of skinny's and boots for an instant boho feel to any outfit.
The beautiful patterns of these unique silk materials were intended for the Saree dress. The saree is a traditional dress for women in India and to this day you will see the streets flooded in colours and women wrapped in cloth.

The patterns of our kimonos are all one off pieces, so you can be sure your outfit will be as unique as your creative styling and your beautiful self!  

We hope you feel inspired by the intricate and exotic patterns of these kimonos that embody the "East meets West" inspiration of Kamala.

Size guide:

Our classic kimonos are very free sizing, most people can wear either size comfortably. The free sizing allows you to be the stylist, especially when it comes to the sleeves. Leave them down for a mystical feel to your kimono or roll them up for a more street look.



Small/ Medium

Length: 110cm

Back Width: 48cm

Arm Length: 30cm

Arm Width: 28cm